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Australia II tacks for the line - Steven Dews

Australia II tacks for the line - Steven Dews

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Limited Edition Print of 350 individually hand-numbered copies, each of which is signed by the artist.

Image size: 20 x 30 inches (50 x 76 cm)
Paper size: 26 x 35 inches (66 x 88 cm)

Australia II Tacks for the Line is one of the limited editions from maritime master Steven Dews, which marks perhaps the greatest yachting occasion of all time.1983 was the year in which the Americans were finally to lose the grip they had held on the America's Cup for over one hundred and thirty years. Racing off Rhode Island against the American boat Liberty, skippered by Dennis Connor, the revolutionary winged keel on Alan Bond's Australian challenger, Australia II, brought her supremacy on the water. Although the Americans put up a valiant fight, Liberty lost the Cup in the final race of the seven-race series. In Steven Dews's tribute, we see skipper John Bertrand taking Australia II on the final tack to the line and to victory!


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