Collection: Tony Fernandes

A series of detailed studies of the rigging of historical sailing ships, including HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, the Mayflower, the Mary Rose, HMS Beagle, the Bounty, Cutty Sark, and more... Highly detailed prints, each is hand-signed on black ink by the Artist.

Each print comes with a 15mm black printed border all round.  This is intended to be covered by the bevel-cut mount (matt) and does not show in the framed picture.

Tony's maritime work is collected worldwide by private and public collectors including members of the British Royal Family, The House of Lords, the House of Commons, The Admiralty, the Office of the President of the USA, BBC, ITV,  HMS Sheffield,  HMS Warrior, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, and others.  He was Art Director on ' Sea Warriors- The Royal Navy in the Age of Sail '.