Collection: Peter Rush

A series of recent paintings from Wessex and Iceland.  Brilliant, evocative seascapes in oil on board by this highly accomplished artist.

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About Peter Rush

Peter Rush was born in 1937 in Surrey, England, and went to St.Martins School of Art, London, studying illustration and painting.

He returned from U.S. and Canada after four years and became a freelance illustrator for the children's BBC T.V. program 'Jackanory' amongst others, plus books (some of his own) and magazines. Later became well known for his wire and paper models (often satirical) and had a travelling exhibition of them and a book 'Rush on Paper'

After a trip to Iceland six years ago, he was much affected by the astounding geology and the dramatic weather there and returned to his first love, land/seascape painting.

.Peter Rush charts the weather with characteristic speed, fluidity, and drama.  Central to his recent oeuvre is the cumulation of drawing skills honed over many years of practice with land, sea, and skyscapes, which provoke a direct impact with the viewer.  Resembling 'Turneresque' whirlwinds in their unsettling, almost alarming quality, these works contain the essence of true art and creativity, feeding an imagination which transcends everyday reality' - Christine Kapteijn MA(RCA) MBA

Recent large one man exhibition in U.C.A Farnham, Surrey, plus paintings in numerous galleries and private collections.

Peter works from his home in Dorset.