Collection: Jeremy Rugge-Price

Paintings and limited edition canvas prints by the distinguished marine artist Jeremy Rugge-Price.

Jeremy's paintings can be seen on both sides of the Atlantic as well as in the Bahamas. In the U.S. his work can be viewed in various galleries from Portland, Maine to Charleston, South Carolina. Jeremy has recently returned to England to be nearer his family and has now begun exhibiting in the U.K.

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About Jeremy Rugge-Price

Jeremy writes: "My art consists, predominantly, of historical marine works centered around the American War of Independence. The paintings include American naval encounters from various wars of the time, plus sailing ships and fishing schooners, from the heyday of Clippers and Cod on the Grand Banks and the Atlantic that surrounds them.

My awe and love of the Oceans of the World began when I learned to sail in1947, and then in 1959, after three years in the British Merchant Navy, it became even stronger. I followed by becming an officer in the 13th/18th Royal Hussars,where I served in Malaya and Germany, and then in 1976, I went to live in America.

I from NYC in the early nineties up to Maine with the express intention of teaching myself to paint for a living. I chose Maine particularly, as I had sailed around Penobscot Bay every summer since the beginning of the eighties.

In my childhood home in England, there had been impressionist paintings by Manet, Monet, Toulouse Lautrec, Edward Seago, and Wilson Steer that hung on the walls. Thus I was well aware of that which constituted the basic layout of a good painting, including the focal point, light, shadow and an area where the eye could rest.

Despite a few puddles of paint along the way, graft and due diligence paid off and, over the coming decades, my work has been, and is being, represented in galleries from Bar Harbor in Maine, to Boston, Nantucket, New York and on down to Palm Beach.

I now live in a little farming, fishing and sailing community on the Coast of East Anglia, the exact spot where I first learned to sail in 1947.

But, even at my advanced age, I paint every day."