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Jeremy Rugge-Price - HMS Endymon v. USS President

Jeremy Rugge-Price - HMS Endymon v. USS President

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Oil on canvas, signed, framed.
Canvas size:   18 x 24 inches

The USS President, under the command of Stephen Decatur, broke out of New York habor, the British Squadron being forced to move further off due to a violent storm. The vessel, under the orders of the pilot, grounded on a bar, and spent two hours breaking free. The damage was to be catastrophic, to the keel, hull and seating of the masts.

The British Commadore, John Hayes correctly guessed the course Decatur would take and throughout the day the Squadron gave chase off Long Island

Captain Hope of the fastest frigate, HMS Endymion took up position off the starboard quarter of the President from where he could use his bow cannons to shred the sails and rigging and  from time to time he crossed the stern  and fired  rolling broadsides into the President. 

Later that night Decatur surrendered his ship.

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