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Art Marine

U.S.S. Alabama - Paul Wright RSMA

U.S.S. Alabama - Paul Wright RSMA

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American battleship. Built 1942. 35,000 tons.

Powerful ships built on a 680ft hull, they were extremely maneuverable and relatively fast, their main armament could destroy almost any opposition and their powerful anti-aircraft suite could and did blunt the many attacks made upon her in the Pacific war.

She served with the British in the North Atlantic before duty in the Pacific where she took part in all the important battles in that theatre, especially in softening up the beaches before the amphibious landings on the many islands occupied by Japanese forces.

She finally ended her career in the U.S. Navy in 1962 and was sold to the state of Alabama as a floating museum in Mobile where she attracted many visitors.

Acrylic on Paper.

Size 18 x 24 inches (46cm x 61cm) 91cm)

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