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Tubby Blake's Yacht - John Chancellor

Tubby Blake's Yacht - John Chancellor

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Limited edition lithograph.

As a painter of the sailing barge, Chancellor is almost uniquely placed; he was one of the last generation of men to be involved in sailing on our rivers and coasts as a means of transport and many of his works have been inspired by vessels or characters he remembers from this period. A good example is this small watercolour, 'Tubby Blake's Yacht'.

This painting shows a sailing barge in a tranquil river scene, skippered by an old ruffian, Tubby Blake, who would not wash. Such was his odor that no-one would sail with him as mate and Tubby performed incredible feats of seamanship handling his barge alone!

Edition of 850, numbered and with the official publisher's blind stamp.

Image Size: 268 mm x 395 mm

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