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The Royal Yacht Mary, 1660 - Roy Cross RSMA

The Royal Yacht Mary, 1660 - Roy Cross RSMA

 The Restoration Royal Yacht 'Mary' - 1600

There have of course been 'King's Ships' since Anglo-Saxon times, vessels of state and men-of-war, but by the sixteenth century the Dutell, in particular, had developed the speedy single-masted 'jaght', a chaser, often decorative and well furnished, and increasingly used for the growing sport of competitive sailing in which Charles II delighted to indulge.

'Mary' was such a cutter yacht presented to the King by the Burgomaster of Amsterdam, named after the King's sister, Princess Royal, and the first of a long line of true Royal Yachts for the use of the English monarchy.

The design and performance of Mary doubtless influenced English builders of similar craft, and Charles quickly ordered a new yacht, the Katherine, which Pepys described as "a pretty thing, and much beyond the Dutchman's". Within a year, Mary was transferred to the Navy for general service and here she is shown in the Irish Channel, partly on anti-privateering duties. Mary was registered 100 tons burden, carried eight 3-pounder cannon, and a crew of 20-30 men. 

Original painting, acrylic on canvas.  A larger photograph is available on request.

Image Size: 22 x 30 inches, signed lower right.

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