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The Rhoda Mary - Bob Grimson

The Rhoda Mary - Bob Grimson

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Designed by  William Ferris and built at the John Stephens yard on the Fal River in Cornwall in 1868, the Rhoda Mary at 130 tons gross was considered to be one of the fastest schooners of her time.  It was said that she made a profit on every cargo she carried.

Like most trading vessels she passed through several different owners and for twenty years she was even owned by a consortium of Dartmoor Gaol wardens.

Rhoda Mary carried her last cargo in 1924 before being laid up at Padstow for many years, she then went to the Medway supposedly to be restored but gradually after much neglect became a derelict.  The remains of this once proud schooner can still be seen in the mud. 

"I have shown the Rhoda Mary in her original two-mast single topsail rig. This was soon altered to double topsail for easier handling and then in 1898 she was changed to a three-master, a common conversion for large two masters which again made for easier handling with less crew  but would not have done anything for her legendary speed."  Bob Grimson

Original oil on canvas

Canvas size 20 x 16 inches, signed lower right.

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