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The Mary Rose - Keith Rayner

The Mary Rose - Keith Rayner

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The Mary Rose is thought to have been constructed in Portsmouth in 1510, and named after King Henry V111’s favourite sister and the Tudor emblem, the Rose.

The ship is famous for her catastrophic demise, on the 19th of July 1545, with the loss of nearly all her crew. Estimates vary at the loss of life, but it is thought to be in the region of between 400 and 500 men, rather than 700 mentioned elsewhere. Among the dead were Vice Admiral, Sir George Carew and her captain, Roger Grenville.

The cause of the sinking of the Mary Rose is open to conjecture. Perhaps the most likely theory is down to a simple handling error in the heat of the skirmish against the French galleys. Handling problems could have been compounded by confusion or lack of discipline among the crew. Eye witness accounts stated that no sooner had her sails been hoisted, she heeled over and water poured into her open gun ports, thus sealing her fate.

This is a superb model of H.M.S. Mary Rose and took Keith Rayner several hundred hours to complete. It was designed with the full cooperation of The Mary Rose Trust, making it as accurate as possible, based on available research and excavated portions of her hull from The Solent. Much of her starboard hull had been preserved beneath the silt, and has given us a wonderful insight into ship constructional methods of Tudor times.

The hull is double-planked - walnut on lime with decking from Tanganyika strips. Cannons are metal cast and the ship is complete with standing rigging.

Length: 29 inches (735 mm)
Width: 10 inches (255 mm)
Height: 20.5 inches (520 mm)

The base is solid oak and the ship stands on two turned brass supports.

It comes with a solid wood framed case and toughened glass.

Case dimensions:

Length: 840 mm.
Width: 330 mm
Height: 520 mm

The hull is double plank on frame construction, being walnut on lime. Only top-quality materials have been used in its build. The copper plating on the hull below the waterline is made up from hundreds of individual plates. The rigging is highly detailed. All guns have carriages including lower deck guns. All in all, a beautiful model.

It is available to view in the South-West of England. Further high-resolution images are available, please email Julian Thomas for details.
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