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The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt

The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt

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Hardback (out of print, very rare) available

Geoff Hunt, RSMA, is known to millions of readers across the world as the artist responsible for the covers of Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin novels. He is widely acknowledged to be one of the leading marine artists of his generation and his paintings of square-riggers, sea battles, and naval operations, as well as deck and port scenes, truly evoke the era and workings of Nelson’s Navy and those of its enemies during the ‘Age of Sail’

"The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt", written by the artist himself, presents over 100 paintings and sketches for the first time in a beautifully produced single volume. Geoff Hunt’s prolific career, his painting techniques and artistic influences and the trademark meticulous primary research, which contributes to each of his canvases, are examined in a lengthy introduction. This is followed by a series of five copiously illustrated ‘Case Studies’ where the artist explains the initial inspirations, the exploration of source material, and the often lengthy artistic progression that leads to the creation of a finished painting.

The major part of the volume is dedicated to a plate section focussing on four distinct themes exhibited in the artist’s output: Painting Nelson’s Navy; The American Revolution; Illustrating the Naval Writers and The Modern Marine Scene.

About the Author
Geoff Hunt is currently President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. His paintings are to be found in museum collections in the UK and USA and in private collections worldwide. His studio is on the site of Admiral’s Nelson’s home in Merton Place, Wimbledon.

Publisher: Conway Maritime Press
Publication Dates: Hardback 2004; Paperback 2008.
ISBN 0851779719
Size (h x w) 300x280mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 144

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