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The Isabella - Bob Grimson

The Isabella - Bob Grimson

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'Isabella' was a very unusual vessel having been built at Galmpton, South Devon, as a large Brixham Trawler but was altered whilst still at the builders and converted to a topsail schooner. 

 Despite her reduced cargo capacity she was nevertheless successful which was due to her speed, being more yachtlike, and the fact that she regularly sailed with a crew of only four.  Isabella was acquired by John Stephens of Fowey in 1893 and made frequent passages to Newfoundland often completing 6-8 voyages a year and is on record for sailing  St Johns -- Oporto in eleven days.

 In 1911 she encountered a full-blown hurricane soon after leaving St Johns and the damage sustained from that and three other Atlantic gales saw her limp into Cardiff roads over a month later with bowsprit, bulwarks, and deck structures washed away and sails and rig in a bad way.   It is this voyage that Bob has depicted

 A larger image is available on request.

 Original oil on canvas, framed.

Canvas size 20 x 16 inches, signed lower right.

Condition: new. 

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