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The Golden West - The Pamir - Montague Dawson

The Golden West - The Pamir - Montague Dawson

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Gouttelette Print.
On paper: Image Size: 18 x 36 inches. Paper Size: 22 x 40 inches
On Canvas: Image 16 x 32 inches with 2 inch margins all round, varnished‘

Pamir was one of the famous Flying P-Liner sailing ships of the German shipping company F. Laeisz. Built-in Germany in 1905, she represented the peak achievement of shipping design and construction.

She was constructed in Hamburg and launched on the River Elbe to a career that would span almost exactly 52 years, during which she sailed under the flags of Germany, Finland, New Zealand, and, briefly, Italy. In 1949, she was the last commercial sailing ship to round Cape Horn. In 1957, outmoded by modern bulk carriers,and having severe technical difficulties after her shipping consortium was unable to finance much-needed repairs and recruit sufficient capable officers, ‘Pamir’ was caught in a hurricane and sank off the Azores leaving only six surviving crew members.

Each print is hand numbered, accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and is numbered to match the print. The editions are limited to 1880 copies. Other canvas sizes are available on request.

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