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The French armoured cruiser Ernest Renan - Anthony Cowland

The French armoured cruiser Ernest Renan - Anthony Cowland

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Completed in Saint-Nazaire for the French Navy in 1906, the Ernest Renan, named after the philosopher, was a 13,500-tonne Armoured Cruiser. 

After entering service in 1909 she was assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet. Ernest Renan participated in the Battle of Antivari off Montenegro in 1914 and the seizure of Corfu in 1916. After WW1 she was involved in the Russian Civil War, operating in the Black Sea, becoming a training ship in 1927 before being sunk as a target ship in 1931. 
This painting was used to illustrate the cover of the book French Armoured Cruisers 1887 – 1932 by John Jordan & Philippe Caresse.
A larger image is available on request.
Original acrylic on board signed lower left.  21 x 16 inches ( 53cm  x 40.5cm)
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