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Art Marine

The Fleet Messenger - Montague Dawson

The Fleet Messenger - Montague Dawson

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Gouttelette Print.
On paper: Image Size: 24 x 36 inches. Paper Size: 28 x 40 inches
On Canvas: Image 20 x 30 inches with 2 inch margins all round, varnished.

This ship is an English naval cutter of the 18th century and one used as a messenger from the Fleet amongst other things, as cutters were generally faster than the more heavy ships of the line.

Fleet messengers carried 12 small guns and one or two very small armaments. Because of their speed and agility, they were also frequently assigned to the chasing of smugglers, who were particularly prominent during the 18th century. The incident depicted here by Montague Dawson shows a cutter racing from the Fleet with urgent despatches.

Each print is hand numbered, accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and is numbered to match the print. The editions are limited to 1880 copies. Other canvas sizes are available on request.

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