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Sovereign of the Seas - Scratch built model

Sovereign of the Seas - Scratch built model

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Sovereign of the Seas was a historic vessel built in 1634 for King Charles I. This ship was one of several vessels that were built during this time period to by the king to expand the English Navy. Model ship collectors and history buffs will love the exquisite detail and outstanding quality of our models of Sovereign of the Seas.
Sovereign of the Seas was built for both propaganda and war. It was a lavish vessel, well decorated and hand carved. The excess in building this ship was paid for with heavy taxes levied on the people of England. This excess was emblematic of King Charles I and it resulted in Charles being overthrown and executed a mere 15 years after this ship was completed.
  This unique model ship is available in small and large sizes in our silver, gold or platinum range. Sovereign of the Seas is available partially painted in the original blue or red in our gold and platinum models. Do you prefer to build your own model ships? We have a model ship building kit of the Sovereign of the Seas crafted with the highest quality materials.
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In 1634, the ill-fated monarch Charles I informed the great English shipbuilder Phineas Pett of his princely resolution for the building of a great new ship as part of his overall effort to improve and expand the English Navy. England enemies and concerns were many and included the Dutch, her most serious rival in overseas trade, France, Spain and North African corsairs preying on her vessels.

Built at a cost of 65,586, about ten 40-gun ships could have been built for that amount; Sovereign of the Seas was intended as a propaganda as well as war. The Royal Navys most lavishly ornamented vessel, her decorations wee carved by the brothers John and Mathias Christmas and described in a book by Thomas Heywood.

In fact, the ship-money tax levied by Charles for his Naval program was much resented by his faithful and loving subjects and is one of the excesses that led to his overthrow and execution in 1649.

Under Oliver Cromwells Commonwealth, the ship was renamed Sovereign, and following the restoration of Charles II in 1660; she was rebuilt and renamed Royal Sovereign. During the Anglo-Dutch wars, she was action at the battle of Kentish Knock in 1652, Orfordness (1666), Solebay (1672), Schoonveld (1673), and the Texel (1673). After a rebuild in 1685, she was at Beachy Head (1690) and Barfleur (1692). Eleven years later, a misplaced candle set the ship on fire and she burned at Chatham.
Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made. Absolutely nothing to do, except to remove from its box!


Small size: Length 86 cm, height 75cms, width 36cms.

Large size: Length 125cms, height 87cms, width 45cms.

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