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RMS Titanic - Paul Wright RSMA

RMS Titanic - Paul Wright RSMA

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The arrival of R.M.S Titanic into Southampton water is tinged with the hope that surrounds all new scientific and engineering marvels, but also the sadness that these marvels can become the victims of capricious fate and hubris.
The inspiration for this painting is the result of Pail Wright's interest in great historical ships and the famous ‘Fighting Temeraire’ by J.M.W Turner, with its celebration of past glories and the arrival of steam power which will consign the Temeraire and all of her kind to history.
The atmosphere in this painting of Titanic is one of stillness as if time is suspended. Titanic, this glorious creation of man, is caught in a moment in her short and tragic life before she sailed away and disappeared into legend.
The original oil on canvas painting was sold by Art Marine in 2018

Limited edition print on high-quality fine art paper.

Image size 16 x 23 inches (40.5cm x 58cm) Signed and numbered
Also available as a print on canvas in an edition of only 10, at the same size as the original, 24" x 36" (61cm x 91cm). 

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