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Pirates' Cove - Montague Dawson

Pirates' Cove - Montague Dawson

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Limited edition goutelette print.

Each print is hand numbered, accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and is numbered to match the print. The editions are limited to 1880 copies.

Image Size: 24 x 30 inches
Paper Size: 28 x 34 inches

The full title of this painting by Montague Dawson is Pirates' Cove, Cocos Island, Wafer Bay. Cocos Island is an uninhabited island located off the shore of Costa Rica and is surrounded by deep waters with counter currents. Montague Dawson depicts it here as a base for pirates, but other sources have placed it as the island occupied by the marooned Robinson Crusoe in Daniel Defoe’s classic book and also as the island which Michael Crichton used as the inspiration for his fictitious "Isla Nublar" for the book and film Jurassic Park.During his lifetime, the painting was beautifully reproduced in "Apollo" magazine and Montague Dawson wrote to congratulate the publishers on the quality of the reproduction, adding: "There is one thing, it has been called Smugglers' Cove and it should be Pirates' Cove, they would never have customs officers on desert Pacific Islands, of that I am positive, having been there."

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