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Pagoda Anchorage - Montague Dawson

Pagoda Anchorage - Montague Dawson

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Limited edition goutelette print.

Each print is hand numbered, accompanied by a certificate signed by the Master Printer and is numbered to match the print. The editions are limited to 1880 copies.

Image Size: 22 x 28 inches
Paper Size: 26 x 32 inches

"Pagoda Anchorage’ was painted by Montague Dawson, a renowned British nautical artist of the twentieth century. Dawson was fascinated by the sea and ships from an early age which proved to greatly influence his artwork throughout his life. Dawson was renowned for his sailing ship portraits typically of eighteenth and nineteenth century clippers or warships which are evident in the ‘Pagoda Anchorage’. Dawson exquisitely conveys the tranquil waters of the Mawie port in southeast China which is shown as being dominated by large traditional sailing ships. These are beautifully painted tall, thin elegant ships with intricate details of the sails and the rigged masts. In the nineteenth century this port was vital for the transportation of tea from China across the world and the deep slow flowing water proved to be ideal conditions for the ships to anchor and load the tea onboard. However large reefs acted as a danger to the ships and resulted in the building of the Pagoda Anchorage on the Luoxing Mountain. This is visible in the distant right side of this painting, and acted as a lighthouse to warn ships of the reefs when travelling in and out of the Mawie port. The Pagoda Anchorage served as a beacon to the ships and was once regarded as a symbol of China by the seamen.

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