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Off Kaap Hoorn - Steven Dews

Off Kaap Hoorn - Steven Dews

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Inspired by Conservation International’s film ‘The Wave’, Steven explains… 'Off Kaap Hoorn`, the original name for what is today Cape Horn, is named after the City of Hoorn in the Netherlands from whence the original discoverer hailed. It is the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of southern Chile.

Steven Dews` painting illustrates the unforgiving, desolate environment which represents the ultimate challenge for all sailors from around the World. Steven has painted this subject twice and found it one of the most challenging subjects he has ever undertaken. He stated `It was difficult to produce a painting without a focal point that would be stimulating; this one was more about emotion than timber and sailcloth`.

He painted a deliberately high horizon to give the impression of scale with the anvil-hard rock face illuminated by a blast of light, leaden sky, and towering waves advancing relentlessly eastward.

The eleventh in a series of 12 limited edition prints, each inspired by Conservation International and the work they do to raise awareness of the fragility of our environment. The Publisher Rosenstiels and the artist will donate all their revenue to Conservation International.

On Paper: Image size: 32 x 24 inches (81 x 60 cm)
Paper size: 36 x 28 inches (91 x 71 cm)

On canvas, varnished:
Image size 40 x 30 inches, with 2-inch margins all around.

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