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Nelson's Ships - Peter Goodwin

Nelson's Ships - Peter Goodwin

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A Comprehensive History of the Ships in Which He Served.

320 pages
Size 12.1 x 9.9 x 1 inches

Heavily illustrated, including a colour section with artworks by Geoff Hunt RSMA and Derek Gardner RSMA, with plans and draughts drawn specially by the Author.

Much has been written about Nelson, the man and his successful career, culminating with his glorious death at the Battle of Trafalgar, on 21st October 1805. Added to this, considerable literary works have been published about his flagship at that famous battle, HMS Victory, but little has been written about the other vessels in which he served throughout his career. Ranging from HMS Raisonable, the 3rd rate 64-gun ship in which Nelson began his naval career at the start of 1771, through Agamemnon, the vessel of which he assumed command in 1793, to Victory, there is a story in each of the twenty-four ships which play a part in the Nelson legend. In this exciting new title, HMS Victory’s curator and project manager presents every ship in which Nelson served, in full detail, for the first time. Following a comprehensive background to each vessel, which included the actions in which they participated, the construction details and costs will be explored alongside any modifications that were made. The incidents that occurred whilst Nelson was on board each ship reveal an abridged version of his career, and offer both the enthusiast and general reader an insight into the man himself. Fully researched and developed by one of the most well known and respected Nelson historians, this will be an invaluable work for both the academic and enthusiast alike.

About the Author
Peter Goodwin, curator of HMS Victory, is a renowned maritime historian and prolific author. His previous titles for Conway Maritime Press include the highly successful The Sailing Man of War, and The Naval Cutter Alert in the Anatomy of the Ship series. Alongside many lectures on Nelsonic history, he is also a regular contributor to the Mariner’s Mirror among other respected maritime journals.

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