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Nelson's Column - Unknown Artist

Nelson's Column - Unknown Artist

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This engraving records the celebrations accompanying the unveiling of the great memorial in Trafalgar Square.

In 1838, the Nelson Monument Committee who had been put in charge of creating a memorial for the great Admiral, decided to have a competiton to determine the design. The competition had 124 entries, 40 of which were models, the winner being William Railton who came up with the design of the gigantic Corinthian column. The monument was begun in 1840 and took three years to complete, the lion 'guardians' not being put in place until 1868. The original designers of Trafalgar Square were also opposed to the monument at first, as they felt this would diminsh the impressive of the landscape it was to be placed in.

Plate mark size: 18 x 12 inches - (approx 46 x 30 cm)
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