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Nelson in the Mediterranean - Roy Cross RSMA

Nelson in the Mediterranean - Roy Cross RSMA

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July 1798.  Rear Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson in his flagship HMS Vanguard leads the combined naval force in search of the elusive 350-strong French fleet transporting Napoleon's army for the invasion of Egypt. 
On 1 August, Nelson finally located the enemy in Aboukir Bay, and the ensuing battle, which lasted into the night, resulted in the final defeat of most of the French fleet. 

The 74-gun Vanguard was launched in 1787 and survived in various roles, (a powder hulk in 1814) and was finally broken up in 1821.  The 74-gun ships were the battlecruisers of their day, able to tackle a three-decker or chase a frigate.  Individual captains had a certain leeway over the hull colouring of their ships, and the Vanguard's hull is as replicated at the time..
The original 26 x 40 painting was sold by Art Marine to an English collector in 2020.

Giclee prints in a limited edition of 150 (regardless of whether on canvas or paper), signed and numbered by the Artist.

On Paper:
Image size: 14.25 x 21.5 inches (36 x 55 cm.)
Paper size 19 x 25.5 inches (48 x 65 cm.)

On Canvas
Image size: 17 x 25.5 inches (43 x 65cm)
Canvas size:  23 x 31.5 inches (58.5 x 79cm)

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