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Mayflower - Scratch built model

Mayflower - Scratch built model

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The Mayflower is one of the best known and most celebrated ships in United States history. This ship is well known for bringing the pilgrims to the New World in 1620 on its voyage from Plymouth England to Plymouth Massachusetts. Premier Ship Models offers authentic replica models of the Mayflower that are the perfect addition to any collection.
The Mayflower was built in 1609 in London and set sail on September 6, 1620 and arrived in Cape Cod on November 9. Nearly half the crew didn’t make it through that first winter, but the survivors were helped by Squanto in the spring and learned to thrive in their new home. The Mayflower returned to England and the last mention of the vessel is in 1624.
We offer the Mayflower in handcrafted high quality models. The Mayflower is available ready made in our silver and gold collections in two sizes. The ship is a perfect replica of the original down to the smallest detail. View photographs on our website to see the exquisite detail of our museum quality model ships.
If you prefer to build your own model ships, we have Mayflower wooden model boat kits with everything you need to create your own replica of this historic vessel. We have carefully selected high quality kits that are a great choice for anyone enjoying the hobby of building model boats, history enthusiasts and radio control modelers. Browse our website. View pictures that show the details of these models and place your order online.
Although this little ship brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth Rock in 1620 is one of the most celebrated vessels in U.S. history, facts concerning her origin and ending are obscure. The first definite record relates back to 1609 when there is a mention of a Mayflower of London, part owned by Christopher Jones.

This ship plied the seas chiefly between England and the French Biscay ports of La Rochelle and Bordeaux.

Mayflower charter was eventually arranged through the Merchant adventurers (including the Virginia Company), who could grant land rights in the America's for the 
Separatists who wanted to settle in the New World.

In July 1620, the separatists sailed from Leyden in Speedwell for a rendezvous with the Mayflower at Southampton. Both ships sailed in company with ninety pilgrims aboard the Mayflower (under Captain Jones) and thirty more on Speedwell.

Unfortunately, the latter was in no condition for a transatlantic voyage, and at having docked at Plymouth, they realized they only really had one vessel. About 20 of the passengers decided against the journey, and the ship finally sailed from Plymouth on 
September 6, 1620 with 104 people on Board. They were subsequently referred to as pilgrims and the first child born at Cape Cod was named Peregrine, or pilgrim. A child was also borne on board and was named Oceanus Hopkins.

They saw land on November 9, 1620 at Truro, Cape Cod and on November 11, they anchored at Province town harbour. Before going ashore, 41 of the passengers signed the 
Mayflower Compact, 
their operand modis.

After a few expeditions, they settled at a harbour referred on their map as Plymouth".  Although the first winter was hard, in the spring they met an English-speaking Indian (he had previously been enslaved and learned English). Squanto provided inestimable help to the fledgling pilgrims. By April 1621, half the crew had already died, but things improved thereafter.

The Mayflower left on April 5, 1621 and arrived in England no more than 31 days later.

Mayflower history at this point becomes something of a mystery. She was mentioned twice in connection with Captain Jones and his widow in 1621 and 1624. What happened thereafter is unknown.
1956, naval architect William A. Baker designed a replica
 of the Mayflower based on the interpretations of the original pilgrims and ship designs of that age.

1957, under Alan Villiers, a crew of thirty-three sailed the replica from Plymouth, England to Plymouth Massachusetts, in fifty-three days. She has been on exhibit at Plimoth Plantation 
ever since.

Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made. Absolutely nothing to do, except to remove from its box!

Model size: Length 80cms, height 61cms, width 30cms.

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