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Many Canoes Accompany'd Us - Mark Myers PPRSMA

Many Canoes Accompany'd Us - Mark Myers PPRSMA

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Limited edition Giclee on canvas

Signed and numbered

Edition of 150. (Remarque edition of 25)

Image size: 20 x 27 inches

The Prince of Wales in Sitka Sound, June 17, 1788

“By 10, got within two miles of the Cape; soundings 24 fm. Hard bottom, kept beating in the Bay to the Eastward of the Cape all night & morning till 8 o’Clock June 17th, it then falling calm Anch’d in 24 fm, hard bottom. Cape Edgcombe WSW the other extreme of the Bay SSE ¾ E which was the Southmost land to be seen: Hoisted the Boat out & the Chief mate went to sound the Channel. Thru the morning light airs & Calm alternately winds variable round the Compass & in the afternoon squally and unsettled at 4 weigh’d, wind Northerly, but after making a Board or two the wind came from the Southward ran up & anchor’d with the Coasting anchor in ½ seven fathom soft bottom. Many Canoes accompany’d us, & several skins bought. The Evening became dark & gloomy with rain wind East’ly South’ly looked like a bad night, let the Bower Anchor go under foot.”
[From the Journal of James Colnett, Master of the ship Prince of Wales, 1788]

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