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IJNS Ashigara - Paul Wright RSMA

IJNS Ashigara - Paul Wright RSMA

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Designed by Yuzuro Hiraga and Kikuo Fujimoto, the 10,000-ton cruiser Ashigara was heavily armed with ten 8" guns, aircraft, and heavy AA artillery.  Better armored and faster than her American counterparts, she was equipped with 24 of the new and deadly "Long Lance" oxygen-fuelled torpedoes.

During the war in the Pacific Ashigara participated in the conquest of the Philippines, and she helped to sink the Cruiser HMS Exeter, and the destroyers HMS Encounter and USS Pillbury in the Battle of the Java Sea. In June 1945 off Sumatra, she was hit by five torpedoes from HMS Trenchant.

Original oil on canvas signed lower right. 

Canvas size 24 x 36 inches.

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