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HMS Duke William - coming aboard a 98-gun ship at the Nore, 1793 - Geoff Hunt

HMS Duke William - coming aboard a 98-gun ship at the Nore, 1793 - Geoff Hunt

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Taken from the original painting for the cover of Julian Stockwin's novel 'Kydd', published in 2001 and now out in paperback.

A cutter full of illegally press-ganged men draws alongside the huge bulk of "HMS Duke William", a massively powerful British 98-gun warship. It is the start of what became known as the Napoleonic Wars and the battleship is to become home to the pressed men.

Drawing inspiration from the first few pages of Julian Stockwin's book, this is one of Geoff Hunt's best and most atmospheric images of fighting sail. It shows vessels at anchor in the Thames Estuary at the great British Fleet anchorage of the Nore. The changeable light of January sparkles through clouds and over the sea. Perfectly-painted detail is found in the depiction of gunports and rigging of the great warship and a real sense of the enormity of being alongside these huge weapons of war, all painted by Geoff Hunt, one of the world's leading marine painters and historians at the height of his powers.

You can buy 'Duke William' together with 'Artemis' for a reduced price of GBP 125.00 (plus VAT if applicable) for the two. The edition numbers of both prints will be the same.

Signed & numbered limited edition print. Edition of 850, including 85 remarques.

Image size: 14 3/4 x 21 inches
Paper size: 19 1/4 x 24 1/2 inches

Shipping: USA £9.50 - EU £8.00 - UK £5.00 (for any number of prints to the same address)

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