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HMS Diamond Rock - Bob Grimson

HMS Diamond Rock - Bob Grimson

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Diamond Rock is a 575 ft pinnacle situated 3km south of the French Island of Martinique in the Caribbean Windward Islands.

In 1803 Lieutenant Maurice under the command of Commodore (later Admiral) Sir Samuel Hood landed 120 men on it and proceeded to hoist two 18-pound guns to the summit and a 24-pounder to a cave entrance halfway up. Commissioned as Sloop-of war HMS Diamond Rock the 'stone frigate' as it became known, was able, due to the strategic position between St Lucia and Martinique, to disrupt any shipping attempting to reach Fort-de France.  This was because any vessel being fired upon from the Rock would, in taking avoiding action, be forced away to leeward of Martinique compounded by the prevailing E - NE Trade Wind and the considerable Westerly set between the Islands.

The British were able to occupy the rock for 17 months but were finally ousted by an overwhelming French force in 1805 - but this episode remains a wonderful piece of 'Hornblower-esque' historical high adventure.

The painting depicts a typical incident from the early days of the occupation when the enemy was unaware of the British presence, two French Frigates arriving from the Atlantic have been surprised by gunfire from the Rock. The distant Frigate having seen the danger has gybed over and is attempting to put distance between herself and the Rock.

On a cruise north from Grenada to the USA in 1996 Bob Grimson sailed his ketch Meander close to Diamond Rock and gazing at the steepness and the height were in awe of the tenacity of those men and their achievements, as the saying went, 'Ships of oak, men of iron'..

 Original oil on canvas

Canvas size 30 x 24 inches, signed lower right, framed.

A larger photo is available on request.

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