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HMS Canopus - Paul Wright RSMA

HMS Canopus - Paul Wright RSMA

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British Pre-Dreadnought battleship. 15,000 tons.

A close cousin of H.M.S. London, she began WW1 on the quiet South American station. However, she joined Sir Christopher Craddock's cruiser squadron (Good Hope, Monmouth, Glasgow) in search of Graf von Spee's Cruisers. At 18 knots, Canopus was soon left behind by Craddock's other ships and was unable to help her unfortunate Admiral when he went to his death at the battle of Coronel.

Retreating to the Falkland Islands, Canopus was beached there and when von Spee appeared, Canopus had the honour of firing the first (and very accurate) opening shot in the battle of the Falklands which led to von Spee's destruction.

Canopus also served as a bombardment ship at the Dardanelles before being reduced to a depot ship and scrapped in 1919.

Acrylic on Paper.

Size 18 x 24 inches (46cm x 61cm)

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