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HMS Agamemnon - Keith Rayner

HMS Agamemnon - Keith Rayner

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Agamemnon was one of seven ships built to the same design, drawn by the same naval architect who designed the famous Victory, Sir Thomas Slade. She was built at Bucklers Hard and launched on the 10th of April 1781. She was a third rate ship, having 64 guns.

She was at the centre of events fighting at the Battle of Saintes, the Battle of Copenhagen, and of course, Trafalgar, the summit of her career. Later she served in the West Indies, participating in the Battle of Santo Domingo and then in South American waters, until she was wrecked in Maldonado Bay off the coast of Uruguay in 1809.

During Nelson’s command of the ship between 1793 and 1796 Nelson wrote “Without exception, one of the finest ships in the fleet with the character of sailing most remarkably well”. He also wrote “After 12 days in a storm in the Mediterranean in ‘gales and lumping seas ……. but in Agamemnon, we mind them not; she is the finest ship I ever sailed in, and were she a 74, nothing should induce me to leave her while the war lasts’.

This is a highly detailed model derived from a kit that has taken more than 1200 hours to build, and was drawn up from Admiralty plans by the award winning model maker Chris Watton.

Model dimensions are impressive, it being 1300 mm long; beam 490 mm and height 945mm.

The hull is double plank on frame construction, being walnut on lime. Only top-quality materials have been used in its build. The copper plating on the hull below the waterline is made up from hundreds of individual plates. The rigging is highly detailed. All guns have carriages including lower deck guns. All in all, a beautiful model.

It is available to view in the South-West of England. Further high-resolution images are available, please email Julian Thomas for details.
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