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HM Brig Badger, c 1776 - Roy Cross RSMA

HM Brig Badger, c 1776 - Roy Cross RSMA

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Purchased in November 1777 for the North America and West Indies Station during the American War of Independence, HMS ‘Badger’ was a brig-rigged Sloop-of-War. Converted from a merchant vessel, she carried 12 guns but may have been capable of carrying more.

Her first commander was Commander Michael John Everett, who was later moved to command the newly captured and commissioned 18-gun sloop ‘Port Royal’. HMS Badger’s new commander was none other than young lieutenant Horatio Nelson, his first experience of command of a Royal Navy commissioned warship. Under Nelson’s command, it has to be said ‘Badger’ had a relatively uneventful career in Caribbean and Spanish American waters, leaving her in 1779 on his promotion to command the 28-gun frigate HMS Hinchinbroke.

Badger’s new commander was another illustrious naval character of the time and one ironically to be later closely associated with Nelson, Commander Cuthbert Collingwood. She is therefore far better remembered for her association with famous Royal Navy commanders than her record in
service which was concluded in May 1782 at Jamaica when ‘Badger’ was paid off and subsequently sold for £2,050.

Original painting in acrylic on board

Image size: 22 x 15 inches. Signed lower right.

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