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H.M.S. Lion - Paul Wright RSMA

H.M.S. Lion - Paul Wright RSMA

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British battlecruiser. Built 1910. 29,680 tons.

This famous ship was the flagship of Admiral David Beatty, the commander of the battlecruiser squadron
in the Heligoland, Dogger Bank, and Jutland battles in WW1.

Always controversial ships, battlecruisers were designed for cruiser engagements where their speed and gunpower could and did (Falkland Island battle) sink any cruiser placed against them. However, it was these very qualities that tempted commanders to place them in the main battle line in fleet engagements and it was there that their weak armour protection tragically told against them.

Three of Beatty's battlecruisers were blown to bits at Jutland with a terrible loss of life and the Lion herself was nearly lost when a German Shell penetrated one of her main turrets. The ship was saved by the Gun captain, Major Harvey V.C., who mortally wounded, ordered turret magazine to be flooded. No more major fleet actions ensued in
WW1 and the Lion was eventually scrapped in 1926.

Oil on canvas.

Size: 24 x 36 inches (61cm x 91cm)

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