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H.M.S. King George V - Paul Wright RSMA

H.M.S. King George V - Paul Wright RSMA

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British battleship. Built 1939. 35,000 tons.

First, of the new breed of British battleships built before WW2, KGV had an unusual main armament of 14" guns in double and quadruple turrets. These were troublesome mountings initially, frequently breaking down when going into action. However, when the bugs were ironed out KGV and her sisters proved very strong and useful ships.

KGV helped reduce and sink the Bismarck in the famous action against that ship. She served with the home fleet and in the Pacific as part of the British effort there. She was finally scrapped in 1958.

Acrylic on Paper.

Size 18 x 24 inches (46cm x 61cm)

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