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Got Under Weigh in Company with Captain Porter - Mark Myers PPRSMA

Got Under Weigh in Company with Captain Porter - Mark Myers PPRSMA

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The New Hazard and Hamilton bound out of Kaigani, September 8, 1811 

“Sunday, 8 September. At work upon the cross jack yard. Got two casks of bread for Captain Porter. Got under weigh company with Captain Porter for Sandwich Islands, leaving ship Albatross, Smith; Catherine, Blanchard; brig Lydia, Bennett; Pedler, Clarke; in Kegharnee.”

(From Stephen Reynolds’ Journal of the Voyage of the New Hazard)

Kaigani was a favorite resort of American fur-trading ships at the opening of the nineteenth century. Handily sited near the southern tip of Dall Island, convenient to the prime trading areas of Southeast Alaska, the Queen Charlotte Islands and the mainland BC Coast, it was a good place to meet one’s compatriots, refit, make crew changes, and replenish wood and water.

The New Hazard called there frequently during her time on the Northwest Coast in 1811-13. The journal entry above brings a close to Reynolds’ first season on the Coast. He was now well used to the dangers of the trade, the distinctive local weather and the irascibility of his captain, David Nye, so one assumes he took some pleasure in recording his ship’s departure for a spell in the Hawaiian Islands. 

Limited edition Giclee on canvas

Signed and numbered in an edition of 150.

Plus an edition of 25 on paper, each remarqued by Mark Myers

Image size: 15 x 20 inches

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