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West Indies Squadron - Geoff Hunt

West Indies Squadron - Geoff Hunt

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Rear-Admiral Hornblower's frigates and sloops on manoeuvres...

A scene from Hornblower in the West Indies, chronologically the last in the series.

In contrast to the other novels in the series, which take place during the 1793–1815 wars with revolutionary and Napoleonic France, this story takes place when Britain is at peace, May 1821 - October 1823.

Hornblower has been promoted Rear-Admiral and has been named in command of the West Indies station, i.e. the Caribbean, with a squadron consisting of three frigates and fourteen brigs and schooners.

Signed and numbered -
Edition of 750 on paper (including 75 remarques)
and 195 on canvas.

On Paper:
Image Size 14.25 x 20 inches (36cm x 50cm)
Paper Size 19 1/4 x 24 inches (49cm x 61cm)

On Canvas, varnished:
Image size 18 x 22.5 inches (46cm x 57cm)

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