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Pacific Haven - Geoff Hunt

Pacific Haven - Geoff Hunt

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Refitting HMS Lydia on the Island of Coiba

In CS Forester's The Happy Return, the Lydia was a middle-sized Fifth-rate built at Woolwich in 1796 to the design of Sir William Rule at a cost of £19,070. Her commission under Hornblower began on March 12, 1807. She sailed first to Alexandria, Egypt, but then in 1808 was given secret orders for a very ambitious mission to Central America. There, the 36-gun Lydia fought and sank the much larger Spanish ship of 50 guns, the Natividad.

In the battle the Lydia herself was heavily damaged. Limping back to Panama to effect repairs, Hornblower (now that there was no further threat from the Natividad) was curtly informed that he was not welcome in any Spanish-American port. However, he found a natural harbour on the tropical island of Coiba, where he managed to careen and repair the ship. This is the setting of Geoff Hunt's wonderful painting.

Signed and numbered -
Edition of 750 on paper (including 75 remarques)
and 195 on canvas.

On Paper:
Image Size 14.25 x 20 inches (36cm x 50cm)
Paper Size 19 1/4 x 24 inches (49cm x 61cm)

On Canvas, varnished:
Image size 18 x 22.5 inches (46cm x 57cm)
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