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Frigate Patrol - John Chancellor

Frigate Patrol - John Chancellor

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In 1796 the western approaches were effectively patrolled by two powerful frigate squadrons. One of these was commanded by Sir Edward Pellew in the Indefatigable, which he had joined in 1794.

She is seen here, having rounded Ushant, running before a south-westerly breeze along the north Brittany coast with her squadron spread out in a search path. The Indefatigable was originally a 64 but was cut down by one deck and re-rated as a 44-gun frigate. These ships were fast and powerful and could be readily distinguished from other frigates of the period, having one or two unusual features.

Sir Edward Pellew commanded her over four years, during which time she distinguished herself in several celebrated actions.
John Chancellor

Limited edition lithograph.

Edition of 850, numbered and with the official publisher's blind stamp.

Image Size: 432 mm x 552 mm




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