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Cowes Week - Johnny Bull

Cowes Week - Johnny Bull

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Johnny Bull is widely regarded as one of the UK's most exciting and innovative graphic artists.

"I wanted to record an event that was famous as a landmark on the English social calendar and just see how differently it could be treated. Fortunately, Cowes proved to be an ideal subject; you want to emphasise the audience but include the attraction, the boats...The public, in all their rich variety – clowns, crooners, private detectives, the very rich, the happy, and the quite drunk, are all photographed and blurred beyond recognition, but still identifiable as a crowd made up of individuals...

I would never cheat it and get people from, say, Hoxton or Salisbury to fill it up. These people all belong here – they defy the posh toff Cowes cliché and go on to establish their own..."

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Limited edition digital print
Signed and numbered.

Edition of 99

Image - 425mm x 1000mm
Paper - 585mm x 1140mm
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