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Brixham Blue - Roger Wonnacott

Brixham Blue - Roger Wonnacott

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"I believe that art is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Not just those who have extravagant taste and a budget to match. An original work of art is something that should be cherished, be it for its obvious beauty or for its thought provoking quality. Art can provoke conversation and discussion between people from all backgrounds and cultures. I recall being fascinated by observing a blind man being guided around a prestigious art exhibition. His guide was relaying rich descriptions of each painting which no doubt enabled the man to recreate his vivid impression in his mind. His sense of touch enabled him to appreciate fully the sculptural work on show. I watched for some time. His concentration and reaction to the descriptions he was given made it clear that some he liked and others he did not.

How inspiring it is to understand that art can truly reach those with seemingly impossible hurdles in front of them.

Through my work, I endeavour to evoke memories and hope that that this leads to conversation between viewers. As an artist, this is perhaps the most challenging and yet rewarding aspect of my occupation."

Roger Wonnacott is a regular exhibitor across south and east Devon with annual submissions to London shows. His work and reputation has developed over the last couple of years and has appealed to collectors as far afield as the USA and Spain. Commissions can be arranged through Art Marine.

Signed and numbered limited edition print.

Image size: 36cm x 36cm
Edition of 150.
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