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Bluenose 2 - Bob Grimson

Bluenose 2 - Bob Grimson

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Up until the Second World War there was intense rivalry between the fishing schooners of Nova Scotia, Canada, and those from Massachusetts, USA. Each year races were organised and a trophy was awarded.

In 1920 the Nova Scotia men launched the Bluenose from the port of Lunenberg, a state-of-the-art schooner for fishing but with more than just an eye on the racing prize.

Bluenose won the first match and remained unbeaten until 1938. Sadly this legendary schooner then became a cargo vessel and ended life on a reef at Haiti in 1946.

In 1963 a new schooner, Bluenose 2, was built at Lunenberg, an exact copy of the original being of the same design and from the same shipyard. Now owned by the State of Nova Scotia this is the vessel that can be seen today.

The painting depicts Bluenose 2 reaching out of Mahone Bay on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia which is where Bob Grimson first saw this beautiful schooner.

Lunenberg lies at the southern entrance of Mahone Bay and Bluenose 2 could often be seen sailing amongst the little wooded islands of this lovely area. Tancock is one of the many islands and the little schooner being overhauled by Bluenose 2 in the picture is a Tancock Whaler, a type of small fishing schooner that evolved there.

Oil on canvas, signed.

30 x 22 inches.

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