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Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson - Lemuel Francis Abbott

Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson - Lemuel Francis Abbott

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Born in 1760, Lemuel Francis Abbott was the son of a clergyman in Leicestershire. At the age of 14 he became the pupil of Frank Hayman, with whom he studied until he moved to London to continue painting portraits.

He began exhibiting at the Academy in 1788 and continued to exhibit right through until 1800. Lord Nelson sat for him several times and a half-length portrait of Nelson hangs in the gallery of Greenwich Hospital, together with a full length portrait of Admiral Sir Peter Parker. His portraits have been engraved by Valentine Green, Skelton and Walker.

After his early successes, Abbott's reputation spread and he rapidly became overwhelmed with engagements. His overwork led to anxiety, insanity, and, eventually, his untimely death in 1803.

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