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A Vosper 73ft MTB - Anthony Cowland

A Vosper 73ft MTB - Anthony Cowland

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The 73 ft Motor Torpedo Boat was introduced in 1943 and built for the Royal Navy by Vosper & Company, Portsmouth. In 1945 production ceased after 29 had been built.

The Vosper 73ft MTB had a maximum speed of 39 knots and a complement of 13 men.

Seen here with a US Navy Elco Patrol Boat.  

This painting was used to illustrate the cover of the book Allied Coastal Forces of World War II. Volume 2. , by John Lambert and Al Ross

A larger image is available on request.

Original acrylic on board signed lower right.  17.25 x 14 inches ( 44cm  x 35cm)

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