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A French Corvette harried by Naval Cutters - Geoffrey Huband

A French Corvette harried by Naval Cutters - Geoffrey Huband

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Geoffrey Huband writes of this painting:
"Following the end of the American war in 1783 there existed an uneasy peace between England and France. This decade was characterised by the strategy of “ blockade” progressively imposed by the Royal Navy. This action was both efficient and effective, but rather tedious.

Ships of the line were bottled up in the French ports along the Atlantic coast. Smaller ships were able to put to sea, and after the French officially declared war in January 1793 engagements between the adversaries became very common, both sides wishing to seize any advantage they could in terms of interfering with trade and also gaining intelligence. Almost all these engagements involved cutters, luggers, and brigs, and the French also used Corvettes, small frigates that were referred to in the Royal Navy as sloops.

The action depicted shows two cutters harrying a French Corvette.  Cutters were sometimes very large and heavily armed, carrying 9 lb. cannons and occasionally carrying carronades, which would be effective in close actions.

The flags being flown by the French Corvette are those of the Republic, these were introduced in 1790 for an interim period before the tricolor was adopted in 1794."

Original oil on canvas signed lower left, framed.

Canvas size 30 x 40 inches (76cm x 102cm)
Frame size 35.5 x 45.5 inches (90cm x 116cm)

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