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Nelson - The Immortal Memory - David Howarth & Stephen Howarth

Nelson - The Immortal Memory - David Howarth & Stephen Howarth

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Nelson was a myriad of contradictions – humble yet ambitious, kind but sometimes petulant, charming but vain and self-pitying, dutiful yet involved in a scandalous love affair – and the Howarths have captured not only the traits of the great man but also those of his time, evoking a remarkable sense of what it was like to sail the seas in Nelson's day, in peace and war. The pivotal battles of St Vincent, the Nile, and Copenhagen spring to life, as do the achievements of the blockading fleet off the French coast in the months and years before the victory at Trafalgar – a victory so decisive and devastating that it put an end to war at sea for a century.

An essential read in the year which celebrates the cult of Lord Nelson, this penetrating biography brings us closer than ever before to an understanding of one of England's most revered heroes, who even during his lifetime secured an enduring place in the hearts of an entire nation.

About the Author
David Howarth (1912-91) is the author of We Die Alone, an epic tale of escape and endurance set in the Second World War. His son, Stephen Howarth, is an acclaimed author and experienced sailor.

'David Howarth is a brilliant writer, full of grace and wit and solid common sense.' The New Yorker

Paperback, 408 pages.
Size: 198mm x 129mm.

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