'Fighting Sail 1773-1815'

'HMS Victory - 100 Gun ship' limited edition canvas print

A set of twelve limited edition prints by Geoff Hunt, President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. This is Geoff's definitive survey of the naval ships of the period.

Art Marine has now completed the final phase of publication of this a set of twelve limited edition prints. 'Fighting Sail 1773-1815' is a powerful survey of the naval ships in service at the time of the Napoleonic Wars.

You may order the prints individually or as a full set of 12 'Fighting Sail' prints, each with the same edition number in either Remarque or regular Limited Edition versions. Collectors who purchase the full set will receive a FREE Collector's Box in Navy blue, lined with white acid-free papers and stamped with the 'Fighting Sail' logo in gold on the lid. The blue, gold and white colours echo those of the British Naval uniforms of the time.

The set comprises, in order of publication: HMS Indefatigable; HMS Temeraire; HM Schooner Pickle; HMS Captain; HMS Victory; HMS Euryalus; Bucentaure; Santisima Trinidad; HMS Leander; Speedy; HMS Surprise and USS United States

'Indefatigable' chases the 'Droits de l'Homme'

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