Alister Colley

Sunday Sunrise - Limited edition signed print.

 Limited edition prints of Yorkshire coastal scenes by Alister Colley.

Alister Colley is a Degree Graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University. The course he attended for three years encouraged diversity and exploration and so Alister pursued his first passion, film.  It was whilst creating 'Storyboards' (a visual representation of a film's narrative) that Alister rediscovered his passion for illustration. 

"I loved the simplicity with which you could create your own world and tell your own story, simply by lifting a pencil or paintbrush!"

"I began to apply different techniques and explore different mediums. I started to paint and used oil paints for the first time in my life and I just fell in love with the complexity of it. I used acrylic paint and admired the total contrast. I instantaneously married the medium of acrylic with pastel; the two compliment each other and soften the immediate impact, this technique has become synonymous with my 'Village Life' work."

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