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Marine Limited Edition Prints, Remarques and Oil Paintings

Art Marine's online bookshop presents a selection of volumes
of particular interest to those who love maritime history and marine art.

Now released - The Sea Painter's World - The New Marine Art of Geoff Hunt" Also "The Frigate Surprise" - illustrated volumes with paintings and sketches from the portfolio of one of the world's most celebrated contemporary marine artists.

A selection of books to interpret, elucidate and illustrate Patrick O'Brian's brilliant Aubrey-Maturin series of novels.

A selection of books about Admiral Nelson, his ships, his battles and the history of the British Navy in the age of fighting sail. This new section will be expanded and updated over the next few months - watch this space!

The Naval Achievements of Great Britain, From the Year 1793 to 1817, by James Jenkins, first published in 1817. "I think the reprint of Jenkins is a quite remarkably successful piece of book production and I send you my hearty congratulations on the quality of your paper, colour reproduction, letterpress and binding." Patrick O'Brian

20 x 20 - A giant book in limited edition capturing the ocean's moving canvas, containing images so powerful they had to be hand-bound in carbon fibre.

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