Geoff Hunt - the Patrick O'Brian series.

HMS Surprise on the Far Side of the World - Limited Edition Print on canvas framed in 40mm distressed gilt with canvas slip.

All the published limited edition prints of the cover art of the brilliant Aubrey / Maturin series of historical novels.
Featuring: "Flying Kites - HMS Surprise under Royals & Stunsails"

"...the finished pictures go far beyond what I had hoped. Now for the first time I am truely proud of the books." Patrick O'Brian.

In this section we present the complete catalogue of prints so far published depicting the images inspired by Patrick O'Brian's books. Several are sold out long ago, and Art Marine would be interested in buying examples of these prints in perfect condition.

If you would like to sell your print of "The Hundred Days", "The Ionian Mission", "Captain Aubrey's Commands" or "Treason's Harbour" - please email Julian Thomas

HMS Surprise off Calcutta - recommended framing.

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